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TOLAN . 52 07/08/2021
Earth and our galaxy is under a great danger. Dark forces beyond old stars are awakening. The path they set us on, can only lead us to death!

But not yet the all hope is gone. A little star is rising from the bottom of last survivors' hearths. This new born red planet is filled with energy. It has a mysterious energy that encourages all of us. We named it "Tolan" and swore to protect it !

You're our most experienced soldier on the land. But now there is no land, and you have to learn how to use our space ships to defend the earth and tolan from foes of darkness.

Take this training to get prepared for real war when it comes. Use "Iron wrist" space ship to learn about flying controls of ship, targeting, shooting and defending.

Don't forget to prepare your reports, feedbacks and suggestions about this training!

Go warrior! May the stars guide you!

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